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Message Email Subject: Protecting Lake Simcoe

Thank you for taking action to protect Lake Simcoe by introducing the Lake Simcoe Protection Act on June 17, 2008. Your leadership is commendable.

It is vital that the Act be tough enough to improve the health of our ailing lake. The priorities, goals and targets in the Lake Simcoe Protection Plan MUST be based on the scientific advice of the Lake Simcoe Scientific Advisory Committee. It is clear that human activities are the main cause of Lake Simcoe problems, therefore the solutions need to directly answer the question, “what is acceptable development in the area affected by the Act?”

Please do not allow significant shoreline alterations, grandfathering of development approvals lacking final approvals and permits, and ensure that the Act applies to resort developments. Protecting the watershed’s forest, wetlands and shoreline areas will positively impact the lake, and will serve as an irreplaceable legacy for future generations.





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